The Statewide Independent Living Council 0f Oklahoma (SILC) was established in compliance with the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and as amended in the Rehabilitation Act of 2015, Section 705, herein to be referred to as the Rehabilitation Act. Specifically the duties and responsibilities of the Council are to:

  • Jointly develop and submit, in conjunction with the Directors of the Centers for Independent Living, the State Plan required in Section 704;
  • Monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of the State Plan;
  • Coordinate activities with the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council established under section 105 of the Rehabilitation Act and in accordance with the State Plan, and other Councils that address the needs of specific disability populations and issues under other Federal law;
  • Ensure that all regularly scheduled meetings of the SILC are open to the public and sufficient advance notice is provided;
  • Submit to the Commissioner and Governor such periodic reports as the Commissioner may reasonably request, and keep such records, and afford such access to such records, as the Commissioner finds necessary; and
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be contained in the State Plan for Independent Living.

The Oklahoma Centers for Independent Living (CILs)

The Oklahoma CILs are community-based, cross-disability, nonprofit organizations that are run by and for people with disabilities, providing programs and services to help individuals have a more independent life style.  CILs support the Civil Rights of all people with all types of disabilities within all aspects of service delivery and lifestyle.  Oklahoma has 5 CILs that are located in Bartlesville, Enid, McAlester, Norman, and Tulsa, and provide the 4 core services that include: systems and individual advocacy, peer counseling, information and referral, and independent living skills training.

Oklahoma’s Center for Independent Network has adopted the 2012 Legislative and Advocacy Priorities established by the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL).  For more information on the priorities contact:

In Oklahoma:   

  • Ability Resources – Carla Lawson – (918) 592-1235 | (800) 722-0886
  • Dynamic Independence – Carl Haws – (918) 335-1314 | (800) 559-0567
  • Oklahomans For Independent Living – Pam Pulchny– (918) 426-6200 | (800) 568-6821
  • Progressive Independence – Jeff Hughes – (405) 321-3203 | (800) 801-3203
  • Sandra Beasley Independent Living Center – Frieda Kliewer – (580) 237-8508 | (800) 375-4358
  • Oklahoma Statewide Independent Living Council –Sidna Trimmell — (405) 888-0068


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